About Wing

The Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING) is a select panel of independent insurance brokers providing a co-ordinated, integrated insurance and risk management solution for businesses who operate on the global stage.

Businesses with operations in more than one country are exposed to a variety of different risks and regulatory environments and it’s crucial for their insurance and risk management programme to reflect accordingly and be provided by advisors who understand the regional marketplace.

WING represents a real alternative to the sometimes overly corporate approach adopted by large multi-national brokers. One of the main benefits of choosing WING is the consistency of cover and support in addressing local compliance and regulatory issues.

The network benefits from a significant global reach and places a substantial amount of premium into the insurance market on behalf of its members. Here are some of the numbers:

  • Has 73 Members located in 55 Countries with 582 Offices
  • Employs in excess of 10,500 staff in 55 Countries
  • Has a turnover of over € 9.5Bn
  • Has over 1m customers worldwide
  • Was established over 25 years ago

Before becoming a WING member, brokers must undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they can deliver first-class service, and have a wide range of market-leading products and experienced and knowledgeable staff.

With businesses built on firm foundations, each member shares the same total commitment to maintaining these standards with the utmost integrity whilst providing clients with a professional and responsive service.

WING is a legal entity registered in Swizerland as a Verein.